Six type of machines are mostly used in shoes manufacturing process that consist of eight step, that remaining last two steps are done manually.

Step 1. (Cutting Machine)

Shoe cutting machine used for making shoes, One of those having the following features:

Model ————SE 25C-EX

Brand ————-ATOM
Origin ————-Made in Germany
Category ———-Industrial suppliers/Machinery
Label————– Sewing arm cutting machine (900*450mm)25Ton

Step 2. (Sewing Machine)

Sewing machine are having different types like:
Single – needle post bed lockstitch machine, Double – needle post bed lockstitch machine , leather skiving machine and heavy duty automatic sewing machine for stitched shoes, One of those with the following features:

Model —————–591-940/02BL
Brand —————–PFAFF
Origin —————–Made in Germany
Label —————–Single- needle post bed lockstitch sewing machine


Step 3.(Insole Machine)

Insole machine features:
Attaching the insole with upper then roughing, molding, crimping the shoes very carefully, Auto Shank Eyeleting, Insole back part crimping machines involves for those action of making shoes, One of those having following features:

Model —————–UN-862
Brand —————–UNTAMER
Origin —————–China
Label —————–High Pressure embossing machine


Step 4 .(Outsole Machine)

Outsole machine having the following features:
Attaching the outsole with upper & Insole then roughing with reducing dust, Embossing and Cementing for making shoes where Auto Shank Board reducing with Dust collector Machine. We have the PU machine to produce outsole also that having the following features:

Model —————–LD-786, LDL-60
Brand —————–WUYI LVDE
Origin —————–China
Label —————–Polyurethane Sole (Combined) Product Line


Step 5.(Lasting Machine)

Features for out Lasting machine :
Attaching Heel, Toe and Toe-puff by molding, heating etc for making shoe finished where Hot blower machine, Heel seat crowning machine and Lasting edge pounding machine perform for better output; One of those having following features:

Model —————–K58STI
Brand —————–CERIM
Origin —————–Made in Italy
Label —————–Heel seat cement lasting machine



Made in Italy

Step 6.(Edge Grinding machine)

In edge grinding machine the edge of the sole is ground down with a blade revolving high speed
It is having the following features:

Model —————–UN-865A
Brand —————–UNTAMER
Origin —————–China
Label —————–Vertical sole edge grinding Machine

Step 7.(Applying Coating)

Hot coating is applied to the ground out leather and a face is made, ink is the applied and polished. The bottom can be ornamented or decorated with various type of coating
Step 8.(Finishing Touches)

Oil and dirt which attached themselves during the manufacturing process are washed off, and the shoe is polished with cream.

Technology Utilization
Technology is used for accounting and record purpose of the business
And also its efficient in database management of customers, products and suppliers
But later on it has been planned to use it in order taking and fulfillment/shaping source as well